Academy Academy Description ADEK Rating Curricula Location
Al Ain Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding Features English National Curriculum Al Ain
Al Bateen Academy

Secondary, Mixed

Good English National Curriculum,IB Diploma Programme Abu Dhabi
Al Mamoura Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Girls Only

Good With Very Good Features English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Muna Academy

Primary, Mixed

Outstanding English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Yasmina Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding Features English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
The Pearl Academy

Primary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding Features English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
West Yas Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Segregated 

Good American Massachusetts State Curriculum Abu Dhabi
Al Forsan Nursery

Nursery Mixed

Not Applicable English National Curriculum Abu Dhabi
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  • 09 Mar, 2017
  • Aldar Academies

In our complex and highly competitive world, creativity and inventiveness will get you very far indeed as well. But what exactly are they doing that's so unconventional? Here are just three tactics used by today's highly inventive schools.

1. They let the students teach

That's right, many innovative schools are letting the students take over from the teachers in what's called peer learning. Far from putting one student in charge of the class, this method sees students collaborate in mutually beneficial learning activities.

For example, one student may devise a workshop based on a specific subject or skill and host it for others. Through the creation and delivery of the workshop, sharing ideas, and discussing feedback after the event, every pupil becomes far more involved in the chosen topic, expanding their knowledge while also teaching themselves how to learn.

The challenge for educators is to enable peer learning in a way that is structured and measurable, making sure the learning objectives are still met. Get it right, and educators can teach students a valuable lesson in organisation, independence and critical thinking while advancing their knowledge.

2. They nurture the mind beyond education

Education has evolved to the point where it's no longer all about theory and practice. Leading schools now look at students as a whole – a mind, body and soul to be nurtured into a happy, successful human being. 

To meet this end, certain educators have begun introducing mindfulness training into the classroom to boost their students' mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is the ability to focus our thoughts on the here and now, rather than allowing it to wander. Developed through meditation, mindfulness is widely seen as an effective method to reduce stress and anxiety. A happy, stress-free student is more likely to focus, after all.

3. They see technology as a means, not an end

Inventive schools realise that the latest and greatest technology is simply another tool for developing knowledge. If pencil and paper leads to better learning outcomes, pencil and paper must be used. Intelligent educators look at what technology is at their disposal and figure out how it can be used to advance the way they teach. If they can't, it stays on the shelf.

Take 3D technology as an example. At first, some thought the idea of students donning 3D glasses at the start of a class seemed radical. Now, the tool is becoming widely adopted across schools as a way of teaching students about things like the human heart in a highly immersive way. Teachers can project a digitised, three-dimensional image right in front of students' eyes to explain the aorta from the artery, and show it pumping blood faster at the click of a mouse.

Why adopt the tool? Simply because the technology has been shown to improve test scores considerably, by an average of 17 percent, according to one study.

The world's becoming a more dynamic, digital and complex place to be, which is why education providers can no longer rely on the traditional way of doing things. Inventive thinking is what's needed to make sure our students are fully prepared for their future.